Photos are courtesy of Speedy Productions & Jordan Nachole Photography


What is effy?

Effy Gibbes is the "Feminist Icon," the "Weapon of Sass Destruction," "The Most Marketable Sports Entertainer of this Generation," the "Golden Boy of Grabass," and oh so much more.

Effy is 6' 1" 210lbs of pure American beef.

Effy has wrestled at FEST Wrestling, Atomic Wrestling Entertainment, NWA Southeastern, Viral Pro Wrestling, Destiny Christian Championship Wrestling, Continental Championship Wrestling, New Heights Wrestling, Manor Pro Wrestling, and in hundreds of bedrooms across the continental United States.

Effy is the winner of the FEST Wrestling Inaugural PBR Wild Man Cup, and has held the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Championship, and countless lifetime achievement awards for Effy's work with women all around the globe.


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