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EFFY Ring Worn Fish Net Armor


EFFY Ring Worn Fish Net Armor

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EFFY wore them. Now you can buy them. For whatever you’re into.

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Q: Did EFFY wear this fishnet armor?

A: Yes.

Q: Did EFFY keep the fishnet armor in good condition?

A. No.

Q: Does EFFY know which matches which pairs were worn in?

A: No. Records are for the past. EFFY mentally lives in the present and future, almost exclusively.

Q: Is EFFY using assistance to process these orders?

A: Occasionally.

Q. What will my funds be used for?


Q: Is my purchase private or will my identity be revealed?

A: EFFY defaults to private so any release of consumer information would only be done in the event of a request by said purchaser.

Q: Does it come with a glossy trading card signed by EFFY?

A: Yes