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10:30 AM10:30


Probably won’t get there until like 11am and you’ll know why soon. And please be sweet to me I’ll be on very little sleep.

Might mouth off to a 4 horseman and cause some trouble. Always like a little controversy. Wrestling that night too and then taking a day off the next day to just go dip my toes in that ocean sweat.

I don’t know where it is Google it

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8:30 AM08:30

Bizarro Lucha "Who's Your Daddy?"

Buy your merch early at this show cause I’m hauling my ass back to Florida right after. Flights were a mess and someone will drive most of the way but it’s still a timing thing.

Fighting ACE PERRY who by all means has all the skills to be a true superstar with that luscious hair and washboard Zac Efron physique. But he get’s too emotional and has like sort of a moral complex so I’m going to take his soul from him and make his life better.

I will hold this burden for you ACE. I will be your soul holder.

Google it it’s somewhere in Indianapolis.

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5:30 PM17:30

Freelance Underground

fighting Ethan Page

One time in 2015 I tried to buy an Ethan Page shirt at an evolve show and he was like “yo cash only man I don’t take cards.”

It’s pretty indicative of his career. Kind of always right on the cusp of a good idea but not necessarily on time with it.

Anyway, I’m taking the freelance world championship from him on this day.

Google it it’s somewhere in chicago

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to Apr 13

Real Shoot Wrestling

Cleveland Ohio

They booked some names but I’m winning the tournament

Not going to the rock and roll hall of fame after though because they sanitize the spirit of rock and roll

it’s not about trophies


tournaments are

I want that trophy

2 nights of jazz and wrestling

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